New hackerspace at the Loryplatz

by vimja on 2024-04-14

In January, we announced that we will have to leave our hackerspace at Kyburgrasse 13 mid 2024. Ever since, we have been looking for a new location to where we can move our hackerspace.

We are pleased to announce that our search has been successful; we will be renting a new place at Könzistrasse 3 from July 2024.

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Our new hackerspace at Loryplatz in Bern is not just a replacement for the previous space, but a real and significant upgrade.

At 270m&sup2, the space is about three times as big as the current one! It also has significantly more rooms with windows, and therefore daylight, and the possibility of letting in some fresh air (or extracting exhaust air from various devices). The location at Loryplatz is also excellent. It's just 4 stops from the main station on the number 7 and 8 trams, which run very frequently. Plus there are several options for food and drinks near by.

We will be moving our hackerspace in July 2024. At this point, it is not yet clear whether that will necessitate an interruption to our weekly Chaostreff schedule. We will publish further information as it becomes available. You can of course also look forward to an inauguration party sometime in the second half of the year.

Zugang von der Zwyssigstrasse zum Eingang des neuen Hackerspaces
Where today the stairs are leading to the "live escape game" escape room, they will soon be the entrance to our new hacerk space.

Room planning

The details on how we are going to furnish and design the new space are currently undergoing discussion. If you would like to join the discussion, please register on our mailing list or join one of our chats.

The basic parameters have been fixed by now. The sheer amount of rooms allow for a whole new amount of freedom. Here a first taste of what you will find in the new space:

  • Two hack centers
  • A hardware hacking lab
  • Cinema and multimedia room
  • Pen and paper RPG room
  • 3D print room
  • shower
  • kitchen

Help us move

The move will take place in the first two weeks of July. We were able to extend the rental of the old hackerspace at Kyburgstrasse 13 by two weeks. We are grateful to everyone who takes the time to help us with the move.

As far as cleaning is concerned, we expect it will require modest effort only, since we are the last tenants before the place gets renovated.

Call for donations

The move to the new hackerspace will be a financial challenge for us. In addition to the costs for the actual move, we will likely also need one or two purchases in order to be able to make good use of the new space. Last but not least, the rent for the new space is also somewhat higher than for the old one.

Because of that are grateful for donations. The easiest way is by bank transfer:

IBAN: CH24 0839 0034 6243 1000 0
Zahlungszweck: Spende
Zahlungsempfänger: Chaostreff Bern, Bern
Adresse des Empfängers: Chaostreff Bern, Kyburgstrasse 13, 3013 Bern